President & CEO Junichi Ito

Junichi Ito has been working in the travel industry for more than 30 years.​
As Vice President, He started work in K.I.S International Co., Ltd. which one of the strong specialized destination travel agencies. ​Especially he is “ Pioneer” in Philippine Travel tourism and always created and innovated, changed to Japanese traveler for “Philippine Brand” image (Example, marked a volunteer tour to make a local contribution and a special cabin attendant training tour tie-up with airline companies, University ) ​uring K.I.S, he and his company always award-winning travel agencies in Japan from the hotel, airlines. etc..​2016, He joined International Development Inc. (Bali, Cebu, and Vietnam tourism) which specialized travel company as an Executive General Manager of Sale Department, he achieved great results within 2 years, negotiates with airline companies, hotel and Ministry of Tourism and lead subordinates to improve its sales. ​2018 He started up his new journey “ Honey J Corporation “ which is the Travel International Marketing & Consultant company.​

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