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日本文化満喫 体験ツアー

Overview Come as a foreigner, leave as a local, this phrase will be important to remember when stepping into my world. Immerse yourself in the local side of Tokyo and explore hidden Japanese bars where only the locals go. Your guide has delved into the world of Izakaya for many years. Whats an Izakaya you ask? The literal terms is "inside drinking shop" or just Japanese bars. They are unique and all over Japan, but difficult to enter because many are Japanese only. I call these places my second home and love connecting people with the local scene. Izakaya are known as Japanese pubs, or the literal term "inside drinking shop" Some are so off-the-grid that even Google Maps doesn’t know of their existence. We'll be diving into the area of Kichijoji, where many consider it a hot spot among Japanese locals. We will be at a private little Izakaya where it has a laidback vibe and can choose your own music as well!